The Australian Business Number (ABN) is an identifier used by the ATO and other government agencies in certain dealings. To obtain an ABN you must be: carrying on an enterprise in Australia; be an Australian corporation; undertaken sufficient activities to commence an enterprise; or be able to demonstrate that your business structure is in place.

Finely tuned machines The running of an enterprise can be equated to the operation of a complex machine, with the various elements, inputs and processes of the business each represented as a cog in the mechanism. The performance of the overall machine is entirely dependent on the factor of each […]

How quality advice can help grow your business

Starting out in your first small business can be an exciting and rewarding journey. As many seasoned small business operators know, the multifaceted role of a small business owner requires skills from many disciplines. In addition to performing tasks associated with your core business, many small business owners also perform […]

Getting started guide for new small business owners