SMSF Annual Compliance Pack Investor

Suitable for an SMSF in Accumulation Phase with mainly cash, fixed interest, and direct share investments. Compliance package fee of $149 per month (conditions apply).

Package includes:

  • Preparation of the annual financial accounts for the fund
  • Preparation of the annual financial statements for the fund (incorporating the Fund’s Operating Statement, Statement of Financial Position and Notes to the Financial Statements)
  • Preparation of the annual member statements
  • Annual mandated regulatory/financial statement audit
  • Preparation and lodgment of the Fund’s Annual Income Tax & Regulatory Return
  • Annual report incorporating the Fund’s Financial Report, Auditors Report, Annual Regulatory Return and Members Statements

Package prerequisites:

  • Fund must be complying with existing TFN/ABN
  • Package only available to Funds in Accumulation Phase (contact us for a quote on Funds in pension phase)
  • Fund must have a complying trust deed, investment strategy and only hold complying investments

Initial Requirements:

  • Access to prior year information, including: Audit Report, Annual Regulatory Return, Member’s Statements, Financial Statements, and other information
  • Access to the Fund trust deed
  • Fund information, such as TFN, ABN, trustee details, etc
  • Member information, including personal details, TFN, etc

Ongoing Requirements:

  • Information re: any manual journal entries required
  • Investment strategy reviews
  • Bank statements, Dividend/distribution statements, etc
  • Contract notes, other information and documentation re: investment acquisitions, disposals, etc
  • Trustee resolutions, meeting minutes and other governance information
  • Inbound rollover statements, documentation and other information
  • Documentation and details of employer, personal, in-specie and other contributions, etc
  • All other relevant documentation and information

Package Limitations:

  • Maximum of 360 transactions for the year
  • Excludes direct property investments, physical commodities investments, artwork investments, collectibles investments, in-house assets, unlisted investments, and other alternative investments (contact us for a quote)
  • Excludes SMSF Supervisory Levy, Corporate Trustee Annual Review Fee and any other amounts payable to the ATO, ASIC or other regulators, etc
  • Minimum 12 month subscription applies
  • Maximum 1 years reporting (i.e. financial accounts, financial report, annual return, etc) per 12 month subscription
  • Payment only by pre-approved automated recurring monthly billing (via PayPal) or 12 months non-refundable prepaid via BPAY
  • Subject to SMSF Engagement Terms & Conditions

How to order:

  • Step 1: Process recurring monthly payment authority via PayPal using the button below
  • Step 2: Complete and Submit Registration Form
  • Step 3: Await contact from us regarding setup authority for electronic data feeds