Small Business Accounting & Taxation Annual Compliance Pack Sole Trader Lite

Small Business Accounting & Taxation Annual Compliance Pack Sole Trader Lite

Suitable for Sole Trader Small Businesses that are not registered for GST and conduct business on a cash basis (invoicing and payment on same day, purchases paid c.o.d.). Perfect for lawn mowing services, beauticians, hair dressers, building work subcontractors, cleaning services, IT consultants, gardening services, courier drivers, and other similar small business operators. Compliance package fee of $29 per month (conditions apply).

Package includes:

  • Preparation of the annual financial accounts for the business
  • Preparation and lodgment of the end of year Sole Trader Business Income Schedule
  • Preparation, lodgment and assessment verification of the annual Australian Individual Income Tax Return

Package prerequisites:

  • Taxpayer must be non-registered for GST (and meet legislated turnover requirements for maintaining non-registered for GST status)
  • Business must transact on a cash basis (i.e. no requirement for tracking of debtors and creditors)
  • All transactions conducted via bank account, loan accounts, credit cards, etc. (no data entry of uncompiled source documents included in this package)

Initial Requirements:

  • Access to prior year information, including: latest lodged Tax Return and Associated Schedules, Balance Sheet information (where applicable), and other information as required
  • Taxpayer information, such as TFN, ABN, Trading Name, Banking Details, etc
  • Carry forward information such as Motor Vehicle Log Book data, Finance Amortisation Schedules, etc.

Ongoing Requirements:

  • Information re: classification of transactions required
  • Bank statements, Loan statements, Credit Card Statements, etc
  • Documentation associated with Capital Acquisitions (e.g. purchase contracts, invoices)
  • Information about mixed transactions or changes in usage

Package Limitations:

  • Maximum of 5 accounts used by the business (i.e. bank accounts, loan accounts, credit cards, etc)
  • Excludes all additional compliance requirements such as preparation of finance amortisation schedules for new finance, foreign exchange transactions translation, business restructuring adjustments, Capital Gains Tax calculations upon sale of business, and other isolated events (subject to add-on charge at end of year at standard professional rates)
  • Excludes advice fees for additional out-of-scope services, such as business restructuring advice, etc (subject to add-on charge at standard professional rates as required)
  • Excludes amounts payable to the ATO, ASIC or other regulators, etc
  • Minimum 12 month subscription applies
  • Maximum 1 years reporting (i.e. financial accounts, business schedule, annual tax return, etc) per 12 month subscription
  • Payment only by pre-approved automated recurring monthly billing (via PayPal) or 12 months non-refundable prepaid via BPAY
  • Subject to Small Business Accounting & Taxation Compliance Fixed Fee Package Engagement Terms & Conditions

How to order:

  • Step 1: Process recurring monthly payment authority via PayPal using the button below

    or contact us to arrange for payment by BPay

  • Step 2: Complete and Submit Registration Form
  • Step 3: Await contact from us regarding setup authority for electronic data feeds