New Business Registration

Advice needs

Better safe than sorry

In many cases, a low cost up-front business ownership structure (such as with a sole trader business) may end up costing you much more over the long-term. We often find that business owners that opted for the cheapest start-up option end up regretting that they didn't get business structuring advice before starting their business. Choosing the wrong ownership structure for your business can cost many hundreds of thousands of dollars in the future - not just in extra taxes. It makes good sense to get advice beforehand, but we understand that not everyone wants advice - it's your choice.

We can help

We can provide business structuring advice and can assist with establishing any proposed business structures, including arranging Tax File Numbers, Australian Business Numbers, Statutory Registrations (such as GST, etc.), and other requirements.

Our fee for this service is $495 for small businesses with single family ownership. Please contact us for a quote should your business have a more complex ownership/control structure.
Please provide as much information as possible, such as: income estimates for you, your spouse and any dependants, other businesses or investments that you own, what your short-term long-term business plans/goals/intentions are, whether there are any concerns about asset protection, and any other relevant information to assist us in providing you with advice to suit your needs.